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2018년도 2월 4번째 오디오 정보 및 신제품 개발 소식
 이영동    | 2018·02·27 11:12 | HIT : 168
Burwell & Sons사의 혼 스피커시스템 정보

수준급의 명기를 제작해 판매하고 있는 미국의 Burwell & Sons Loudspeakers사가 2018년을 맞아 다시 제품 제작에 도전 새로운 각오를 다짐하고 나셨다. Burwell & Sons Loudspeakers사의 설립자이자 사장인 Gordon Cary Burwell Sr이 수 가공 방식으로 각종 제품들을 만들어 판매하고 있다.
미국 오하이오에서 태어나고 샌프란시스코 베이 지역의 최첨단 기술자들과 함께 제품을 제작하고 있으며 최근에 새로운 혼 스피커시스템을 개발 소개하고 있다. 엔지니어나 전자 마법사가 아니기 때문이다.
Burwell과 Sons Loudspeakers는 재능 있는 인재들과 협력하여 놀라운 제품들을 소개하고 있어 관심을 끌게 하고 있다. 최근 그의 제작한 Burwell And Sons-I Cons 제품은 사진에서 보여 주듯이 빈테지의 아름다움을 더욱 가치 있게 만든 제품이다.
As the founder of Burwell & Sons Loudspeakers, I want to personally thank the audiophile community for embracing us. The world would survive without Burwell and Sons and it surely would survive without apple pie, electric guitars, and cool cars also, but life is a lot more fun with all these things.
I feel blessed to have the opportunity to create something special while building a future for our families. Having been born and raised in Ohio, it is exciting to be surrounded by the high tech, cutting edge creators here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Not being an engineer, or electronic wizard myself, Burwell and Sons Loudspeakers has drawn from this talented pool of gracious, incredible minds to collaborate with.
We’re simply a group of working class people with an artistic vision, a garage, and a willingness to work our asses off. If we invest everything and fail, we still will have lived the American dream.
Looking back at how Burwell and Sons got started, I remember being startled at the prospect of selling The Homage Series for such an extravagant sum of money.
Factoring 240 hours to build each set, the high cost of skilled labor, material costs approaching $8000, profit, overhead, and our devotion to utilizing a network of dealers, all contribute to the overall cost.          
Value can be expressed in many different ways, and gold has been an acceptable medium for comparing the dollar’s value over time.  In 1962 JBL sold their Paragon for $2250, nearly half the average annual salary. By the end of production in 1984 the price raised minimally to $2500. JBL then introduced their new Everest line with all new pricing. By 2009, a pair of Everest set you back $70,000.
As gold prices fluctuated, the average cost to purchase JBL's famed flagship speakers with gold hovered around 65 ounces. With gold prices in 2013 averaging $1200 per oz it would have taken 66oz of gold to purchase a new set of Burwell & Sons Homage Series Loudspeakers.

연락처: Gordon@burwellspeakers.com

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